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3 APPS in 1: Period Tracker, Personal Diary, and Calendar. We designed Day After because we wanted an app to not only track our periods, but to also track our daily life and events. We also wanted it to be beautiful, fun & simple to use.. that which gets more personal and intimate the more you use it.

As a period tracker app, we knew it had to be very accurate. So we had done extensive research and used an algorithm based on multiple period cycle data to calculate and predict future periods and fertile days. We have also included a basal body temperature tracking system with beautiful interactive charts so that you can more accurately predict your ovulation.

A weight tracking system is also built in so you can track your weight changes over time and view them on a graph. We also added wide variety of stickers so you can mark days with things like moods and symptoms. The stickers you add are easily viewable without having to flip to another screen.

We thought that the app would also be a great place to store private thoughts and memories. So we built in a full featured diary with photos and stickers. Daily photo albums is a great place to store all the photos you take every day. We also wanted to share some of the photos/notes with friends and family, so we built in sharing.

Knowing when our next period is going to be has the advantage of scheduling certain events... Maybe you want to schedule a vacation trip but don’t want it to fall on your period? So we thought we should build in a full featured calendar with events.

We also built in alarm reminders into the calendar so you can be reminded even if the app is not running. We included a suite of event stickers so that you can decorate your event so that it is easily identifiable at a glance.

We designed the app to use for ourselves and we hope you love it as much as we do! We’d also love to hear your feedback!


Features include:

• Period Tracking and Prediction
• Ovulation & Fertile Days Prediction
• Beautiful interactive charts
• Luteal Phase Length / Basal Body Temperature tracking
• Weight tracking
• Calendar View
• Timeline View
• Notification reminders for period and fertile days
• Stickers to mark days with moods, symptoms, intimacy or events
• Take or upload Photos for private keeping or for photo journaling
• Passcode Lock to prevent snooping
• Diary / Journal with photos & stickers
• Calendar features: Events with alarm reminders
• Share photos or notes with friends and family (Twitter, Facebook, Email, Messages, etc.)
• Turn off period/fertility options to use just as a calendar & as a journaling app